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What people say about us

@Jordon Judge
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I can't say enough positive things about s0pro. Extremely affordable (you'll probably make your money you invested back in within a week with some of their altcoin picks). But what I value just as much as these picks are their engagement with the members. Plus crypto education for those that want to learn more. Weekly market updates so you can have a better idea of where we are in terms of market conditions is just as important as picking the right coins. No brainer to join.
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I started investing in crypto 2021 January. Securepro he is so helpful as in advising , quick response and not let’s not forget the members. It is a great community for newbies to learn , invest or trade. Especially having access Q1 &Q2 altcoins and gems . I highly recommend anyone joining this discord !!!
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Learned a lot about crypto and the framework to analyze when it comes to crypto. Never regret any penny spent. Would recommend SecureZero to the other crypto adopters. 😃😃 In terms of returns made, I made around 2x-2.5x of my investments to the top altcoins lists! Thank you so much guys.
@Christophe Schaer
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I'm a begginer in cypto I just started couple months ago I didn't know anything I've tried on my own but it's too much so I've decided to join Securezero and it's amazing there is everything to learn about crypto there is an amazing community to ask questions, to chat it's so worth it!
@Zedekiah Shoop
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Really helpful, loads of subgroups for different aspects of crypto with a great community for whatever level of investor you are. Really good online course as well with all information condensed and understandable!
@Tomás Fernández de Benedetti
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This is the best crypto community out there. People from around the world actively sharing different ideas, staking possibilities, technical analysis and the fundamental analysis they share and out of this world. Easy to read and super complete. Also, I honestly don't understand how they are SO responsive all the time, both in instagram and discord. If you are new or experience, this is your group. I've been in many discord groups around crypto and this is something else. 100% recommended.
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Recently joined the group with the gold membership as a beginner. The resources provided are excellent; simple and easy to understand while also providing a thorough explanation. Great for someone who's just getting started. The community in general is very friendly and supportive, which is all moderated by a very active and responsive team. For the price, its worth every penny. Get the support, feedback, daily reports, quarterly picks, and much more on top of that. You'll likely make back what you paid for this after a bit so 100% a worth while investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you’ve join either Silver, Gold or Platinum you will have access to the S0Pro platform forever!


We built SecureZeroPro to accommodate for all skill levels, for beginners its the easiest way to become crypto nerd.

Yes! You can use your Crypto to join SecureZero. Please check out using the crypto payments option during checkout.

If you would like some assistance paying with crypto please contact us using the contact page

SecureZeroPro is not a signals group. What we provide is research reports on Altcoins, market activity, passive income strategies & other crypto related topics.

We will teach you a range of topics over a Zoom or Discord call, ranging from DeFi to Fundamental Analysis Techniques.


Members are invited to join our Pro Discord server after signing up. There is a very active community of crypto enthusiasts.

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